Ms. Ayres is a business executive with decades of experience advising CEOs and executive teams on leadership, governance, organizational alignment, and communications strategies.

In addition, she has been a central player in the international energy transition as both a Director and Advisor.

She has worked with major companies and institutions based in the United States, Canada, Italy, France, England, Ireland and Switzerland.

leadership advisory practice

Every organization, be it small or large company, faces opportunities and upsets due to changes in the marketplace (both anticipated and unforeseen) as well as internal management challenges. An experienced advisor can help the enterprise to identify and tackle difficult issues by strengthening the executive team’s ability to detect and address emerging issuesboth internal and external obstacles.


“The essential ingredient to managing growth and change is a company’s ability to self-reflect on its own strengths and vulnerabilities—with eyes wide open to fluctuations in the market, to customer expectations, to regulatory requirements and to stakeholder interests.”


Ms. Ayres is founder of Lighthouse Consulting Firm, a Strategic Advisory Firm with a focus on Energy, Environment, Climate and ESG strategies.

In its 28-year history, the firm has played a major role in the international energy transition towards a low-carbon future.


Ms. Ayres has 23 years experience of serving on Boards & Advisory Groups for both listed companies and non-profit organizations.


Others often describe her work as bridge building: making essential connections between companies and regulators, executive teams and investors, corporate leaders and stakeholders, competitors and allies, tradition and innovation.